Expert Therapy

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With PAYG therapy sessions and curated wellbeing workshops, we offer a simple and cost-effective solution to support your staff’s mental health. Whether you need an alternative to an EAP scheme or something to supplement your existing one, we can help. 

As a company shaping its sector and making a positive impact, Expert Therapy is listed on the FT Future 100 (2018/2019). Our reputation for having some of the best minds in the field working under our banner is what makes us London’s largest and busiest private psychotherapy chain.

Therapy For Staff

Mental health support is needed by over 50% of people at some point in their lives. When used as a preventative measure, talking therapies are excellent for coping with mental health difficulties. 

Pay As You Go Therapy is designed for forward-looking corporations and businesses to make accessing the right support simple and affordable. Only pay for the therapy your staff need.

Wellbeing Workshops

Many of the UK’s top psychotherapists deliver educational and thought-provoking workshops online to companies of all sizes. There is a wide selection of titles to choose from, and each can be adapted to meet your team’s needs.