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Statutory Assessments at Expert Therapy London

Is your child a student with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)?

Do you feel that your child’s or teen’s school is not providing adequate support for their special needs? Is it possible that mainstream education is not working? Would you like to have a needs assessment, but are unsure of where to begin? 

Statutory assessments and EHC plans (Educational Health Care)

If you believe that your child or teen (up to the age of 25) is not developing, and that current strategies used by teachers or SEN coordinators are not working, a statutory assessment can be requested. Your local authority is responsible for engaging a team of health care professionals to analyze your child’s learning abilities.

The end result of the process is a legal document known as an educational health and care plan, or EHC plan. The SEN statement, also known as the SEN statement, outlines the steps your local authority must now take to support your child or teen.

What qualifies my child for an EHC plan?

As part of an educational health and care plan, your child or teen’s health and social care needs as well as his or her educational needs are considered. There is, however, a limit to the number of children who can benefit from this program.

In this case, it would look like: 

A physical disability that makes it difficult to function in a school environment

Having difficulty reading, writing, and calculating

Having difficulty concentrating and focusing

Lacking the ability to keep up with their peers

Disruptive behaviors that disrupt learning should be challenged.

What does a needs assessment look at?

There are three categories of assessment – educational, health, and social.  We will assess your child’s cognition and learning processes, as well as his or her communication and interaction skills, sensory and physical issues, and social and emotional issues.

In education, assessments are not designed to brand or label your child, but rather to make him or her feel more comfortable and happier at school.

How does an educational psychologist help with an EHC plan?

It is possible for you to request an EHC assessment directly from your local authority, or you may contact your school’s Special Education Coordinator who can then begin the process. It can, however, take a considerable amount of time before your child is tested.

The benefit of hiring a psychologist privately is that you will have direct access to unbiased advice within a short period of time. To put it another way, the psychologist is not working for the school district, but for you.

EHC plan support – the Expert Therapy approach

It is possible that your educational psychologist will visit your child’s school to observe your child and speak with teachers. In addition, they will meet with your child in a series of sessions that may seem like play, but are actually tests of cognitive and learning abilities. The EP may recommend that you see other professionals, such as a speech or language therapist, if necessary.

Your child will receive a report describing his or her strengths and weaknesses, recommending learning strategies, and providing advice on suitable schools, if necessary.

Additionally, an educational psychologist can provide advice on the application process, assist you with submitting feedback on a draft version of the EHC plan, and assist you in challenging local authorities if the decision is not in your favor.

Ready to help your child get the support he or she needs?

We understand that having your child assessed can be a challenging experience. When it comes to Expert Therapy, you can rest assured that you are in the hands of professionals. In addition to their many years of experience and passion for helping, our educational psychotherapists have received training in top institutions and are chartered members of the British Psychological Society (BPS).

We invite you to contact us now or book online to schedule a confidential appointment for an ADHD assessment with an educational psychologist in the City of London. The EHCP assessment or report for appeals and tribunals is not provided by our firm.

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