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Psychiatrists for Adolescents in London

Expert Therapy offers psychiatry services for adolescents between the ages of 16 and 19. In addition to psychiatry for children, we also provide adult psychiatry services.

Is your adolescent child struggling to cope?

Are your adolescent children experiencing behavioral problems or emotional difficulties? Are they having difficulty communicating? Do you have concerns about their ADHD, depression, or autism?

It is not unusual for young adults to feel frustrated, ashamed, and alienated from their peers and siblings as a result of such issues. While adults are aware of how to seek support if they are overwhelmed, teenagers are more likely to withdraw or lash out if they feel overwhelmed.

Your son or daughter can be evaluated and treated comprehensively by a psychiatrist who specializes in children in their late teens. Having a deep understanding of both psychological, biological, and environmental factors that affect adolescents, we are able to provide you with clarity regarding your child’s difficulties, and help them manage them.

Psychiatry for adolescents – The Expert Therapy approach

It can be challenging to seek psychiatric treatment for your child during their late teenage years. There is a possibility that you have already seen another doctor, but are even more confused than you were before. 

The adolescent psychiatrists at Expert Therapy are dedicated to providing you and your child with a supportive environment. Your child is seen by them as the unique individual that he or she is, and they provide expert, experienced assistance in a warm and caring manner.

Psychiatric treatment for adolescents. What is it?

The purpose of a psychiatrist for adolescents is to diagnose and treat behavioral disorders, thinking disorders, and emotional disorders in adolescents who are aged eighteen or younger. In addition to being a registered medical doctor who has specialized in general psychiatry, he or she has also undergone further training in working psychiatrically with children.

The child psychiatrist is an expert in the development of children, psychology, and family dynamics. All disorders affecting children and adolescents are well known to them, including but not limited to learning difficulties, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), dyspraxia, conduct disorder, depression and anxiety, and mood disorders.

Psychiatrists who treat adolescents in the UK typically complete their training within 11 years. Expert Therapy employs only highly experienced psychiatrists who are registered and insured to practice. It is also possible to refer patients to in-house therapists (who will have a minimum of five years of postgraduate clinical experience as standard) as part of an integrated health care system.

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