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Are you concerned that you may have a mental health disorder? Can’t make it to our office for an assessment, diagnosis, treatment plan? You have come to the right place if you are looking for psychiatric care online, and you are looking for a reputable provider.

How does an online psychiatry consultation work?

In the same way as in-person sessions, it is important that you arrive on time for the session. Additionally, you will need to ensure that you have the privacy you need for the duration of the session, and that your technology is working as it should. You will be welcomed by your psychiatrist as soon as you log in using the details you provided in advance. After that, you will be able to talk to a psychiatrist online in the same way as if you were meeting them face-to-face.

Is it possible to have a full psychiatric assessment online?

As part of Expert Therapy’s adult ADHD assessment program, as well as our general psychiatric assessment program, we currently offer an online ADHD assessment for adults.

Asperger’s, autism spectrum disorder, or a learning difficulty requires an in-person assessment if you would like to receive a diagnosis of Asperger’s, autism spectrum disorder, or a learning difficulty. However, in some cases, you may be offered follow-up appointments and online psychiatric support as well.

What are the benefits of an online psychiatric diagnosis compared to an in-person diagnosis?

An experienced online psychiatrist is just as capable of giving you a psychiatric evaluation online as he or she is able to give you one in person, taking into account your responses, symptoms, and life history when assessing your condition. Even though your session is over a screen, your online psychiatrist can still see you and observe your state of mind in regard to things such as stress levels and anxiety levels during the session.

As a result of a review of current research on online psychiatry, it was concluded that it is effective across all age groups and that some patients actually prefer telepsychiatry to in-person treatment. 

How can an Expert therapy online psychiatrist help you with your problems?

As part of our online psychiatric help service, Expert Therapy offers the following services:

  • Assessment and follow-up of adults with ADHD
  • Psychiatry of children and adolescents
  • Psychiatry in general for adults (OCD, anxiety disorders, major depressive disorder, etc.).

Do you think that taking a psychiatric assessment online is right for you?

The online psychiatry services, sometimes referred to as ‘telepsychiatry’, are available to you online and allow you to remain in the comfort of your own home, where you might find it easier to relax and express your feelings. I believe that this is particularly true if you have OCD or anxiety that makes going out a challenge for you. Furthermore, it is an ideal solution for those who have a busy schedule or find it difficult to leave home due to other responsibility due to their busy schedules.

What are the benefits of choosing Expert Therapy for online psychiatry?

At Expert Therapy, we take pride in offering you only the highest quality of mental health practitioners in order to ensure the best possible treatment for you. The following are all the qualifications of all our online psychiatrists:

  • The specialist is registered with the GMC and on the Specialists Registrar of the GMC
  • The Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych) is an organisation of psychiatrists
  • Professionals with a great deal of experience and expertise in their respective fields
  • A highly regarded company in their field
  • Reviewers on sites such as Trust Pilot have given the company positive reviews.

In addition to our online psychiatrist sessions, we also offer the following services:

  • Providing you with the medical reports you need in a timely manner
  • There is also access to a wider range of health care practitioners, including counsellors and psychologists, through this program.

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Frequently asked questions

What is online psychiatry?

Consultations and appointments with psychiatrists over the internet are known as online psychiatry. It can help with ADHD diagnoses and with general psychiatric issues through online psychiatry.

Typically, how much does online psychiatry cost in London?

Since online psychiatry is as effective as face-to-face psychiatry, you usually pay the same rates as if you saw your London psychiatrist in person.

Is online psychiatry available on the NHS?

On the NHS, online psychiatry is available for non-urgent appointments and for diagnosing certain conditions. There may, however, be a long waiting list.

Does Expert Therapy offer online psychiatry in London?

Our team at Expert Therapy is based in London, but we can offer online appointments anywhere in the world. You can still see your practitioner even though the appointments are online.