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ADHD Assessment at Expert Therapy London

Do I have attention deficit disorder? 

  • Having trouble focusing, and never completing your tasks? Is it holding you back not only at work, but also in your relationships?
  • Feeling constantly regretful about your words and actions, but unable to change?
  • Living with the sense that you aren’t reaching your full potential?

In the event a client has been diagnosed with ADHD elsewhere, we are unable to provide a prescription service. Clients with a diagnosis of ADHD are welcome, but a full ADHD assessment by one of our psychiatrists is necessary before we can begin treatment. 

ADHD in adults

Inattentiveness, hyperactivity, and impulsivity are the three main symptoms of ADHD.

Hyperactivity in adults can manifest less as boisterousness than in children, and more as restlessness. A sign of this could be speaking too fast and too often, or rushing around, always busy. 

The three symptoms do not have to be present for a diagnosis to be made. There are people who are classified as ‘combined type’, meaning they have both hyperactivity and impulsive behavior, while others are classified as ‘predominately inattentive’, meaning they are distracted most of the time. There are several areas of your life where the symptom(s) you have impact your ability to cope. 

Common symptoms of adult ADHD 

  • Hyperfocus on the wrong things due to difficulty focusing
  • The inability to finish tasks due to disorganization 
  • Making impulsive decisions 
  • Impatience is an example of emotional difficulties 
  • Problems in relationships 
  • An edgy and restless feeling.

Why do an ADHD assessment at Expert Therapy?

We recognize that finally being tested for ADHD as an adult can be a big step. And that a private ADHD assessment is a serious financial investment.

Working with Expert Therapy means you are working with experienced health professionals who are ADHD specialists instead of generalists taking clients on the side. 

We have some of the best psychiatrists in the UK who specialize in diagnosing and treating ADHD. The doctors have helped thousands of clients with attention deficits get back on track with over 100 years of combined medical experience. 

Find out how we can help you

Would you like to stop living with the constant struggle of undiagnosed ADHD? Make a confidential appointment for an ADHD assessment in London by calling or contacting us online.

The Benefits of an ADHD Diagnosis   

An assessment can provide the following benefits: 

  • Understanding your behavior and explaining it to others for the first time
  • Strengthening your strengths and recognizing them 
  • Improve your coping skills by learning strategies
  • Making life easier for you and your family by accessing support and services
  • Being free of your own mental prison and moving forward with your life goals
  • Relationships improved.  

Why do I have ADHD now I’m an adult?

Adults don’t suddenly develop attention deficit disorder. Since childhood, it would have been there. It’s just that some children’s struggles are overlooked. 

It is common for ADHD to go undiagnosed in children with high IQs, for example, who can compensate for it. Only when faced with the many responsibilities of adulthood do symptoms become more apparent. 

It’s now understood that symptoms can differ between girls and boys, with the former being more likely to be inattentive and dreamy than hyperactive. When they were children, many adult women had their struggles overlooked.  

What is an adult ADHD assessment like? 

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is the main source of diagnostic guidance in the UK. Both DSM-5 and ICD-10 guidelines are taken into account.

ADHD assessments for adults can include the following:

  • Taking a full history of your psychiatric health and development (learning challenges in childhood, etc.)
  • Tests that examine how your symptoms affect different areas of your life, such as how you behave and socialize as well as how you cope with your everyday life
  • Discussing your current life, such as work, family, finances, and relationships 
  • Observing your interactions and mental state
  • You should also take into account your physical health if you have coexisting mental health issues and conditions
  • Having someone who knows you well fill out a report on your behavior. 

Related diagnoses and issues

There are several common co-occurring mental health issues that can be diagnosed by your ADHD psychiatrist, including:


anxiety and depression

eating disorders

learning differences

low self-esteem

personality disorders

sleep problems.

You may still be diagnosed with another disorder with similar symptoms if you don’t qualify for ADHD. Anxiety disorders and borderline personality disorders fall under this category.

Recommended treatment for adult ADHD 

During your ADHD treatment, your ADHD specialist will craft a multidisciplinary treatment plan that addresses your psychological, behavioral, and occupational/educational issues. 

In serious cases, medication should be combined with psychological treatments and support, such as psychotherapy or ADHD coaching. To learn more about Expert Therapy’s ADHD treatment and medication options, visit our ADHD treatment page.

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