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London is known as the largest as well as the most populous city in the United Kingdom and also the commercial, administrative, financial, cultural and political base of the world. About 50,000 Iranians live currently in this city and another 50,000 Iranians live in other cities, too. London is located on the banks of the River Thames, with a population of about 8.5 million.

If you are an Iranian living in London and you seek an Iranian psychologist, it is better to read this text to the end. One of the problems of Iranians living in London or other cities in the United Kingdom is choosing a psychologist familiar with Iranian culture to benefit from its psychological services. Among Iranians living in London, half of them are considered first-generation immigrants, who are looking for Persian-speaking professionals who may not be able to meet the needs of an English consultant and are not able to convey their inner feelings.

On the other hand, owing to the high cost of counseling in a large and an expensive city like London, it is not possible for many Iranians, many families and parents to benefit from proper counseling due to financial problems. Additionally, in order to solve their own problems, they may consult with those who do not specialize in these fields, subsequently their problems are added.

The issues that you may refer to a psychologist or therapist in the UK and London are as follows:

  • Divorce and marriage

  • Mood disorders including depression, bipolar disorder (treatment)

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

  • Anxiety disorders such as panic, phobia, post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety

  • Developmental neurological disorders such as autism, hyperactivity and lack of concentration, learning disability, nervous tics

  • Personality disorders such as isolated personality, obsessive personality, narcissistic personality

  • Eating disorders including bulimia and anorexia

  • sleep disorders

  • Communication problems including problems with spouse, family and others

  • Knowing yourself

  • Parenting, child rearing, parenting problems

A good psychologist helps solve their patients’ problems by creating communication, empathy, expertise, insight, encouragement, support, moral commitment, and follow-up. We assure you that we will be by your side until the end of this journey to solve the problems of you, your family and your children.

Our specialized team will help you with any financial means to make the treatment path correct. So if you, with any financial means, need a specialist, psychologist, therapist and counselor in London, England, contact us now.

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3. Discuss the problem and refer to the relevant specialist

4. Holding meetings and following up the problem until the result is achieved

We do our best to help you live your life in peace and comfort.

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